If your 7-11 year old has writing problems or refuses to write, try this for fast results.

How To Get Your Child To Write is written by a literacy specialist who understands your frustration.

writing problems

I really believe that this would benefit all parents

It’s fun to use, with easy step-by-step instructions on how to spark your child’s interest and motivation to write.

It explains how to talk with your child calmly about their writing difficulties and get him or her to work with you willingly.

It shows you exactly how to assess your child’s writing needs and start addressing them systematically and effectively.

If you are looking for ways to improve your child’s writing quickly without arguments or stress, read more about this e-book

Gerry used to hate writing.
learn waRead this nine year old’s story!

Q:   Why do some children sit down to write but take forever to get started?

A:   For any of these reasons…

  • They don’t know exactly what’s expected
  • They can’t come up with any ideas
  • They are worried they won’t spell the words correctly
  • They think what they write won’t be good enough
  • They don’t think there’s any real point in writing whatever it is

Read more about these issues and how you can help.

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