Ali Roundtree lives in southwest Western Australia. Her purpose here is to help you if you have a child who is struggling with literacy and numeracy.

Ali is a qualified literacy and numeracy specialist teacher with much practical experience in helping disengaged writers, readers and mathematicians both in and out of the classroom. If you can dedicate a few minutes each day (never more than thirty) to working with your child, Ali can help you assist your child yourself by giving you step-by-step guidance through her e-books. You do need to be involved, and it’s not a big ask in return for an end to your child’s learning woes. The strategies and activities are different from those commonly used. They are carefully designed to be stress-free for all. If you have tried various approaches already, don’t give up. It may be easier to help your child than you expect.

Children can be expert avoiders when it comes to talking about literacy and numeracy issues. They don’t enjoy feelings of failure and may expect more of the same.  Ali shows you how to get over this ‘wall’ first, and then find, tackle and fix the issues to build skill and confidence.

If you have questions, please go to the contact page.