gerry’s story

writing problemsGerry’s story :

I’m 9. I hated writing because everyone thought I was bad. My mum, dad, sister, teachers, everyone. And they all wanted me to write more. Then I’d make more mistakes and get more red marks. I never wanted to write.

Now I’m a lot better. My mum stopped going crazy about everything and started helping me think about what I could say. We worked on a few things together. It was fun. My teacher even told me I was getting better. I like learning about writing now and I can do it.

I can write things like stories, procedures, retells and reports now that are long, but when we started, we wrote just short things. I remember we wrote notes, raps, emails, jokes, lists, recipes and menus. Sometimes we would take turns to write a sentence or word. I learnt that writing isn’t that hard and you can get better. I don’t hate it now.

(Real name & photo withheld)