How Talking Helps Writing

If you ask children What is talk useful for? you’ll likely get some interesting answers, such as:

  • You get to understand what other people think
    You get to ask questions
    You can tell people how you feel
    You hear ideas
    You get friends

  • When children are regularly involved in writing activities that begin with a structured talking component, they begin to notice how talk helps them to write about a topic or develop a particular writing skill.

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    Gerry Used to Hate Writing
    learn waRead this nine year old’s story!

    Q:   Why do some children sit down to write but take forever to get started?

    A:   For any of these reasons…

    • They don’t know exactly what’s expected
    • They can’t come up with any ideas
    • They are worried they won’t spell the words correctly
    • They think what they write won’t be good enough
    • They don’t think there’s any real point in writing whatever it is

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